Sunday, 25 January 2015

App Love #1

I love apps. 

I love taking photos. 

I love apps that let you add interesting elements to photos.

Candy Camera is my new favourite app. I have an Android phone so I don't know if this is exclusive to the Google Play Store, but let's face it, Apple have ALL the apps so if it is Android exclusive, well that's just icing on the cake. Essentially the app allows you to take photos directly from inside and then edit, or you can import photos taken with just the phone camera and then edit from in there. You can add colours, bokeh (not entirely sure what that means), light, shapes,'s a really fun little toy. I love using it to mix up my photos and make them look that little bit more interesting. 

I've always loved taking photos but having a stonking good camera on my Samsung Galaxy has really increased my snappy-ness. That and my love for Instagram. Happy snappy days. What is your favourite camera app? 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dizz and Wavey versus the Universe

Okay, okay, we hear you loud and clear, we won't even try and book any further birthday weekends away. 3 years. For the past 3 years we have made plans to go away for birthday weekends and for the past 3 years we have had to cancel them. You think we'd have learned by now. Perhaps this time will be the lesson learned for good. Birthday weekends away in January just ain't never going to happen. The Universe has spoken and we have paid attention to the signs. The weekend away is cancelled.

My overwhelming feeling about this is not even boo, hiss, poor us, type thing, it's more a quiet acceptance that yep, here ahead of us is yet another test that we have to overcome. Who is this test-y person and what is up with them? Do they have the most mightiest grudge against everyone in the world? One of my friends texted me today to say 'you need some good shit to happen'. We do. We so do need some good shit.

In the meantime we will battle on, Dizz and Wavey versus the Universe. I'm thinking we might need a cape. Apparently they're very 'in' this season...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Good (BRILLIANT!) Wife

I know, I know, yet again it's a case of hello, where have you been for the last 6 years? Thanks once again to the glory of Netflix and being able to watch entire series in one sitting I've just started watching The Good Wife. Oh my. I don't know why I have this weird thing of jumping on bandwagons way after the time, it's just a thing. A thing that stops me wanting to join the party at the right time and avoid all the hype and then BAM, a sudden discovery decades later of the brilliance of something. Better late than never. 

Let's talk teevee. Like seriously good teevee. I'm only on series 1 but I can already tell I'm going all the way with this one. So freaking good! The characters, the story lines, the actors, the kick ass boots that Kalinda wears and let's face it, her general all round kick-ass-iness that just makes me love her more with each show. And Eli Gold. Oh! He's not really around too much at the moment but I have a feeling he's going to stick around too...and Carol from ER and Mr Big. I mean seriously, way to go the Scott brothers for seeing the potential in this one and running with it. 

I think I'm about 5 series behind so I've got a lot of brilliance to admire with this one before I'm done. It's at times like this that I'm glad I work from home for half the week as I can squeeze in a good number of episodes in my regular breaks. Not that I sit and binge watch 3 episodes in one go, nuh-uh, as if I would do something so time wastery...

I'm beyond intrigued what is going to happen, and I saw a trailer for series 6 the other night and had to hide behind my jumper as I'm sure all sorts of things were revealed that I have yet to discover. It's a long time since I've felt this excited about a TV programme. I think it might be love at first episode... 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Snowy Sunday

It snowed! For about 10 minutes, but it snowed! Long enough for it to leave a light dusting on the ground and be all pretty. I'd already booked in a walk with Fizz and Chewy so we weren't going to let a little bit of snow stop us from our plans. We went to a place called Coatham Wood that is basically dog walking heaven. There was a whole heap of dogs, all shapes and sizes and bouncy and playful. Chewy ran around like a wizzy-wizz off his lead, and Fizz and I put the world to rights. Pretty good start to a chilled out Sunday... 

Sunday, 18 January 2015


I can no longer deny it. By this time next week I will be 40 - gulp! There are so many reasons why I can't believe this, but the main one is that it just sounds so GROWN UP! Surely by 40 I should be a proper adult, with grown up attitudes, and other grown up, you know, stuff. 

In reality, in my head, I've never really moved on from being 19. Ah, the happy days of being 19. I loved it! By then I'd been at the art college, that was quite literally the making of me, for a year. I was high on life with some amazing friends and new and fabulous experiences on a daily basis. I spent most of the time drunk and staying over at friend's houses as they didn't have a curfew like I did, so coming home at 5am was perfectly fine...

Okay so clearly I'm not 19 any more. The only thing I am doing at 5am is sleeping soundly, and if I did try to stay up that late/early, I would need to stay in bed for at least a week to make up for it (Granny). And I also don't get drunk on a daily basis, but mentally, like my way of thinking and attitudes and things, yep, still 19.  

But the years do not lie. I will soon be 40. And so my question is, how much longer can I continue wearing tiny skirts or cheeky braids before I begin to look like mutton? You will tell me honestly, won't you...? 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Year of Craft: January

I can hardly believe it, I have actually completed the January challenge in my Year of Craft! Don't worry, I'm as shocked as you are. Let's talk crafting! 

The challengeOrigami butterflies (I only used the images as I have no idea what language that is!)

Preparation: Very little to be honest. I used pages from a catalogue I had received in the post (recycling and upcycling - double bonus!) and found the scissors so that I could turn the A5 catalogue into squares as demonstrated below. 

Sadly this is where being a good blogger fell completely by the wayside as I was so busy concentrating on the folding and trying not to stick my tongue out too much in concentration to remember to take photos of the process. Erm, oops. 

The end result

How tricky was it? Not at all that bad. I know for all you seasoned crafters out there a bit of paper folding might seem a bit like amateur hour, but in my defence, I am very much a beginning crafter so not too taxing was a wise choice for my first challenge. 

I like the end result! Really I do. I'm not sure what to do with them as they don't easily attach to anything - I tried to blu-tack them to the mirror but they fell off after a micro-second - but I'm proud of them. Most of all, I really enjoyed making them. It was a quick 20 minutes but was a nice, and surprisingly relaxing, end to my work day. 

Here's a sparkly photo using my new favourite app too:

There we have it. January challenge complete. I'm actually really excited for February now! Share in the comments if you make any butterflies for yourself. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Birthday!

Wavey and I have a lot of love for January. While everyone else is feeling glum and trying not to eat all the chocolate leftover from Christmas, we embrace gluttony and greed and celebrate our birthdays! Yesterday was Wavey's. I made/bought him all his favourite things: chilli, crusty bread, beer, chocolate cupcakes, and we celebrated with a little birthday tea. Happy birthday to that man!